Clean Break, Page 2

The monthly SubscribeStar comics are usually limited to only four panels, I won’t entertain scripts with more. However, to keep this page flowing naturally, I made the executive decision to add a couple small transition panels to this one.
After blowing both of the boys, it only makes sense for them to return the favor to Mikasa. I had a couple scripts submitted this month having her transition to doing foot stuff to them, which I didn’t think felt as natural as this, but I tried to give everyone a good look at her feet instead as compensation.


  1. QHR

    Whoa. I don’t know where to begin, but AMAZING panel of Mikasa there. Lighting/shading and the detail is amazing, especially the soles of her feet. All your art is grade A, Near, but this one really blew me away lol. Honestly I think that’s much more appealing than if she had just been giving footjobs or what have you

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