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Magical Sempai

Magical Sempai’s a cute, short little ecchi gag anime that I have a soft spot for. The series is basically a series of short joke segments, usually focusing on Magical Sempai (she doesn’t have a proper name) trying to do some sort of magic trick, but it goes wrong and she ends up in a compromising position (skirt flipped up, shirt wet, something like that). I think the title character is pretty cute, and I also just kinda really like girls in hats, so a couple years after I first watched it I finally decided to draw her. I wanted to pair her with her Assistant-kun, the lead male of the show, but the pose I picked made it hard to show any of his face. I opted to go for a speech bubble to identify him, instead. I’m not currently planning to do more with these series, I feel like they may be a bit to niche, but if people seem to like this pic I could see potentially doing a return pic later on down the line.