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Bbmbbf – Uwora and Asuka Wildstar

This is another commission of two of my Eromugen characters, drawn by bbmbbf of Palcomix fame. For those who aren’t familiar, Uwora (pink) is the mother of Siat Wildstar, the comic’s heroine, while Asuka (purple) is Siat’s sister. In what was made of the comic, we only saw these two in flashbacks, where Asuka was a child, but this adult version of her was canonized later on in Asks. I can’t say for sure if Uwora was ever going to resurface in the “present” of the comic, but if she did she probably would’ve also gotten a redesign to appear older. Nonetheless, the fan who commissioned this only has what I’ve drawn to go off of, and so we get past Uwora with her grown up daughter for some sexytimes.

Bbmbbf – Potia and Liak

I don’t usually like titling other artists’ works, but I think a fun title for this one would be “Potia in Peril”.

This is another commission from one of my fans to bbmbbf of Palcomix fame. Like the last one, this pic features two of my characters from my old comic Eromugen, the brave knight Potia Creole and her trusty squire Liak Burs. A running component of what I’d intended to eventually do in Eromugen was to have Potia end up in some sort of compromising position (stuck in a hole, for example) and for Liak to get increasingly bolder in taking advantage of her. The fan who commissioned this liked that idea, and so here we see something similar playing out. I hope you all enjoy seeing these alternative takes on some of my old characters, I think they’re pretty neat!

Bbmbbf – Siat and Machete

I haven’t posted anything like this in a while, but one of my fans commissioned this art of Siat Wildstar and Machete Devilstrife from my old comic Eromugen. The artist here is bbmbbf, who many of you may know from Palcomix. It was an incredily sweet gift, I think, and I’m told there’s more on the way eventually. I wanted to share it here with all of you as a bonus post today, since I though it was pretty cool.