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Moon Slut

So, let me provide some context for this pic, for anyone who hasn’t seen Inside Job. Reagan works for a clandestine company that runs the shadow government, and hates her dad. In one episode, she’s tasked with handling a problem with a secret settlement on the moon, lead by an ageless Buzz Aldrin. She ends up under the impression that he might be her real father, and when she’s trying to tell him this he makes a pass at her. When she shoves him away, he says something like, “What, I thought you were going to say moon slut!” So this is an alternate outcome from that scene.
I dunno why, but I really liked the idea of Reagan just earnestly saying, “Buzz, I think I might be your… moon slut…” So, as out of character as this pic is, I had a lot of fun drawing it. I really like Reagan, and I’d like to do more with her eventually.