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Horde Barracks

This is an older pic I decided to pick back up. I thought it’d be fun to see a little sisterly bonding between Adora and her fellow Horde soldiers, Lonnie and Catra. Lonnie’s a character I liked a lot in She-Ra, but she doesn’t really have any natural pairings like most of the other characters in that show (the other direction to take her would be to pair her with Kyle and Rogelio, I think, but I decided to go this route this time). I’m happy to fit her in here, though, and maybe I’ll get the chance to draw her again eventually.

Adora Captured

The last time I drew Adora and Catra, it was set pre-series, when the two of them were BFFs. This one is after Adora becomes She-Ra, when the two of them are mortal enemies (albeit with sexual tension bursting from the seams). I don’t do it often, but I enjoy a good “villain captures hero” scenario, provided the characters have the right sort of chemistry (which these two do). There’s actually a handful of times in the series Catra has Adora/She-Ra at her mercy, and those scenes always feel like they’re a few steps away from turning into something like what I’ve drawn here. So, yeah, this one feels like kinda an obvious scenario, and while I typically try and avoid those, I love these characters too much to not have a little fun with it. Hope you all enjoy.