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Madam Jelly

Madam Jelly is a minor character in Centaurworld, appearing for about 42 seconds total in the show’s runtime. She left an impression on me, though, with her curvy body and big hair. I decided to just do a simple little pin-up of her, something I might try with other smaller characters from this show (as there’s a handful I’m interested in). At any rate, enjoy some big-tiitty cattaur.

Wammawink and Jeffica

For anyone not familiar with Centaurworld, let me explain these two. Wammawink (pink) is a main character, but Jeffica (purple) isn’t. Jeffica exists solely as a point of jealousy for Wammawink, as the girlfriend of a guy she’s interested in. Jeffica doesn’t speak or do anything besides be this guy’s girlfriend, but in season two Wammawink has a song where she vents her jealousy and rambles about how hot Jeffica is and her “stupid, pretty legs” while crawling underneath her. I just felt like there was some potential sexual tension there, and wanted to see them go at it. Since I’m still not confident about posing centaurs for sex, I went with a fairly simple “ass to ass” pose.

Also, for anyone who’s interested, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Rider and Woman

I really enjoyed Netflix’s Centaurworld, I think it’s a great show. There’s a number of kinda weird/unusual centaur and animal characters I’d like to draw from it, if I can figure out how I want to approach them, but for now I thought I’d do a quick pic of the two main human characters I’m interested in. Rider, on the left, and Mysterious Woman, on the right, both really appeal to me for very different reasons. I’d like to draw more of both of them if and when I can fit them in, along with the centaur characters and stuff… for now, though, let’s just get them fucked by some colorful magic dicks.