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Strongarming Judy

I recently watched Adult Swim’s “Birdgirl”, a sort-of sequel/spin-off to the old “Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law” cartoon. The show’s… not great, unfortunately. I wanted to like it, but it really just didn’t click, which is a shame. I do, however, like several of the characters. Judy and Charlie “Strongarm”, seen here, are both great, and I also like Meredith the Mind Taker a lot. So I do want to draw this show some, at least those three characters, and if it ends up with more seasons hopefully they can improve the formula to make something fun to watch (lots of good shows have weak first seasons, after all). We’ll have to wait and see, but for now I’m happy to adopt the characters for my own use.
Charlie’s a real beauty of an amazon, I really adore her design and voice. Judy (Birdgirl) has also always been a character I liked a lot, and I dig her older design in this series. Hopefully you guys will enjoy seeing them here as much as I did drawing them.