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Reiko and Emi Competition

So this is a simple little picture that I started early in June. Working on the NHML picture last month reminded me that I had wanted to do more Ghost Sweeper Mikami pics, and ultimately I started on something with Reiko and her rival Emi. Emi Ogasawara is a voodoo priestess who is a business rival of Reiko’s ghost sweeping business, though I don’t know too much about their relationship as my copy of the show is untranslated from Japanese. As best I can tell they’re mostly allies but get competitive, and I thought it’d be cute to see them angrily sucking on each other’s tits (since GSM is one of those shows where it’s abnormal for a girl to have normal-to-small breasts). I didn’t get around to finishing it until just recently, though, so here it is.

I mentioned before that I would like to draw Emi again. When she’s doing her voodoo magic she paints herself with these red stripes that I think are pretty sexy, so maybe some day I can draw that version of her.

There probably won’t be a post tomorrow, but on the fourth and fifth I’ll be making public last month’s comics.