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Fanny’s Fanny

This is another Mini Commission, featuring Fanny Fulbright/Numbuh 86 from Codename: Kids Next Door. This one presented some interesting challenges, and frankly I was pretty nervous about doing it, but I hope it turned out alright. The description provided by the person who nominated this idea was of Fanny presenting her ass and spreading with an angry blush, and the image I immediately got in my head was of her bent over and looking back over her shoulder. I tried to do this, but I was struggling due to the art style and my inability to really grasp how her hair foreshortens… It’s not impossible to do, but at the time it was proving to be more difficult than it was worth, so I re-positioned her to an easier angle to approach. I hope they are okay with this change, I think the final result turned out better than it would have if I’d stuck to my guns. Perhaps ironically, working through the pic at this angle has helped me grasp the KND art style a bit better, so maybe I could do the original angle better now. What do you guys think? I tried to simplify my approach a bit to mesh better with the very stylized KND style, but I’m not sure if it worked. If people seem to like my take on this series, I could potentially see working with the characters from it a bit more down the road. I don’t really know.