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First things first, I’m at a convention this weekend and the internet is crazy spotty. I’m going to schedule both today’s post and Sunday’s while it’s working, but I may not be around as much as usual to reply to things.

This here is Chip, a guest character from the first episode of HarmonQuest season two. Chip was played by Gillian Jacobs, a rare example of a male character being played by a female in that show. Perhaps that’s the reason he’s the only male character I’m attracted to in HarmonQuest, but I’m super attracted to him. I don’t know if anyone else will share this fascination with the little goblin, but I thought he was insanely cute and I would like to draw more of him in the future.


Hawaiian Beor

I recently watched all of HarmonQuest, and I really like it. It’s a show where Dan Harmon, Erin McGathy, and Jeff B. Davis play a tabletop RPG with a rotating fourth guest player, and then their campaign is animated after the fact. It has a lot of my style of humor in it, plus some actually great characters, but practically zero R34-style content. I’d like to fix that, and this is my first attempt. This is also an excellent example of the flaw in the “if it looks like it might be a child, it can’t be posted” mindset, as this is one of the images I had to remove recently from my account on another site. Neither of these characters is under eighteen, however, but due to one of them being a gnome there was enough doubt that it had to go.
Anyway, this is Beor O’Shift, a half-elf barbarian warrior and regular cast member, eating out Hawaiian Coffee, the character played by Aubrey Plaza in her guest episode. The two had some real chemistry and I don’t think it’s too far to reach that something like this could’ve happened if they’d stayed in jail longer than they did in the episode.