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MomSwap – Hilda and Johanna

I wanted to do a MomSwap with these two for a long time. Hilda’s really cute, and I like her show, but I’m also extremely fond of Johanna as a MILF. I’d put it off because the show has a unique art style that I wasn’t prepared to grapple with, but doing that David Mini Commission earlier kinda forced me to experiment with it. For that pic I tried to stick closely to the show’s style where I could, but since the MomSwap series is set in the Xoverse, I tend to blur the art style a bit more for these pics than if I was doing something set exclusively in the Hilda universe. Of course I still tried to reference how they look in the show as much as I could, but that’s why this pic might look a bit more homogenized than the David one did.

David POV

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers, featuring David from the series Hilda. I always figured if I drew Hilda, it’d be for the MomSwap series, but the show’s style is one I haven’t been confident about adapting. Now that I’ve done this pic, maybe I’ll look into a MomSwap entry sometime in the near future.