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Roped Into This

So I’ve been revisiting The Disastrous Life of Saiki K. recently, and one character I really wanted to draw while the show was fresh with me was Shun Kaidou. We saw his mom and sister not long ago in the last MomSwap I did, but Shun himself is also pretty cute (as his his younger brother). Shun’s the type of character I just kinda want to draw being a slut for a bunch of different characters, but in this case I went with series protagonist Kusuo Saiki. Kusuo’s pretty asexual in the series, but he also has a bad habit of getting involved in situations he wants nothing to do with (his line in this picture being something he ends up saying with some regularity in the series). Shun’s whole gimmick is that he lives in a fantasy world, where he pretends to have secret powers contained by the bandages on his hands and is the target of a sinister cabal. Most of the early humor for his character comes from this, but I thought it’d be funny if he began incorporating ecchi tropes into his own internal logic. I feel like powering a superpower through cum like he talks about here is something I’ve seen a number of times in hentai doujins and the like. How exactly he managed to rope Kusuo into providing said cum I do not know, but here we are.