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Wendy O. Koopa BGM

Some of you may remember a while ago I released a few images from a canceled project called “Bad Girls Month”. The idea was that I would do thirty or so pics of villainous women, and then post one every day of a certain month (after they’d all been made, of course). I gave up on this because I can’t make myself work on something that I won’t be able to release soon (it’s a mental block I can’t get around), but the stuff I did already I would still like to finish.

This was going to be Wendy O. Koopa’s entry in the series. I’m inexplicably attracted to Wendy (she’s who I play in Mario Kart, and one of my faves in Smash Bros.). Maybe it’s those big dick-sucking lips, or her resting bitch face, but I just enjoy her a lot. For this pic I decided to make her proportions a bit more human, but maybe some day I’ll try drawing her on-model too. Either way I’d definitely like to draw her again if I get the chance.