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Mandy and Mindy BGM

Some of you may remember back in, like, July or so of last year when I released several pictures from an abandoned project called “Bad Girls Month”, or BGM for short. The project’s concept was that I would create around thirty pictures of antagonist female characters of all sorts, and release them all within the same month. The problem was that I tend to put off projects I don’t think I’ll be able to release soon unless I am way ahead of schedule, which isn’t often. So the project was slow moving and I only finished a small handful of pics, which I released when I gave up on it. Since then I think maybe one other pic from this project has been released, but I decided to wrap up another one that I’ve had sitting in the previews of my box for some time. Noting that this is an old picture (only the colors are new, really), please don’t judge it by the same standards you would my current work.

This is Mandy and her cousin Mindy, two bullies from the show Totally Spies who serve as the mundane antagonists for the spy heroes when they’re living their civilian lives. Mandy was a consistent presence throughout the whole show (and my favorite character), while Mindy came on later to replace Mandy’s flunky friends that just sorta disappeared. I thought about doing a threesome with Mandy and her earlier friends, just since I think that version of the show (when they’re all still in high school) is more iconic. However, I liked the incest angle of using her cousin more, and I also think Mindy’s just funnier and more entertaining than Caitlin and Dominique were. As for the dialogue, well… Mandy’s just a really verbally abusive character. That’s about 90% of her identity. I kinda like how Mindy doesn’t even seem to mind being called names, though, as long as she gets to taste that sweet cousin ass.

Also, here’s the sixth part to my retrospective video series examining and seeing what I can recall about my old superhero characters I made when I was in school: