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Why Do Little Boys Have to Grow Up?

This puts me two-thirds of the way through my planned “A Kind of Magic” pictures. This time Tom finally gets with his teacher, Miss Tinker, whom he has a huge crush on in the series. I don’t know how often his crush comes up throughout the series, but I know there’s one episode dedicated to him turning himself into an adult to go on a date with her (I may draw that version of Tom with her at some point). The line in this pic is quoted almost directly from the end of that episode.

I’m still planning at least one more AKOM pic of Tom and his sister Cindy. After that I might still return to the series, though, as I really like the characters. I’ve been thinking of a fourth pic of Tom with all three ladies, but I’d also like to try doing some yuri stuff with them. It’s also possible I’ll have more ideas for the characters if and when I watch more of the show.

There’s been a slight change to the comic rotation. I’m usually pretty loose with which comic gets updated when, but the commissioner of “A Trip to the Past” has forwarded some extra money to get the second page out faster (this will not be a regular occurrence with the comic), so likely the next comic update will be that. After we get that page out, I plan to focus on trying to get the next Space Emperor Slut out sometime soon.