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Golden Boy Episode 2

It’s been ages, but I finally got around to covering the second pic in my planned Golden Boy series. This series is meant to cover each of the six episodes of the series by pairing Kintaro up with the girl(s) of each episode. The series stalled for two reasons. One is, I was torn on whether I should do a second pic for the first episode, focusing more on Madame President. I decided not to for now, but I might go back and draw her and Kintaro one-on-one eventually. The second snag was that episode two, and its main girl Naoko, are pretty easily my least favorites of the bunch. However, I needed to push through and get this one done to get on to the girls I really love later in the series. While I don’t care much one way or the other for Naoko, I always thought her friend Yuka was really cute so I had to include her. Hopefully it won’t take seven years for me to get to episode three.