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Bunnies in a Row

I hadn’t planned this when I first started this pic back in early January, but by pure happenstance this Sing image doubles as a festive Easter pic with three lovely bunnies all in a row. Marisa, Penny and Heather here (unofficial names, but the only ones they’ve got) were a highlight of the film’s trailer and commercials, despite being unnamed characters with only a couple brief appearances. They made quite the impact, though, as their most iconic scene features them twerking while singing the sampled portion of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”. Needless to say, some of us noticed and, while their’s weren’t the butts that put mine in the theater seat (that honor belongs to Rosita, it certainly didn’t hamper my interest in the film. While Rosita is still the character I’m most interested from Sing, I wouldn’t mind drawing these three again (possibly with Rosita, who knows?).