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Penumbra NHML

So this is Penelope Numan Braxton, a.k.a. Penumbra, the winner of September’s Near Hentai Monthly Lady raffle. Penumbra is a super villain in the series Villainous, a woman who was afflicted with a condition that makes it impossible to go into the sun. Her episode of Villainous focuses on the main characters helping capture her arch-rival, the jerky super hero jock Sublast. Penumbra not only wants Sunblast to stop beating her up and breaking her sun-blocking machines, but also wants him captured because she believes his powers might be the key to curing her condition. Spoiler warning, though, Demencia eats Sunblast after he’s been shrunken down, like a frog with a fly. In the episode Penumbra is fooled by a simple light bulb replacement in the jar, though one has to assume she’d eventually realize the light bulb isn’t a dude. The premise for this pic is basically that, is a customer relations move, Black Hat has Demencia repay Penumbra as best she can. This was a good excuse to use Demencia again, my favorite character in the show, but also was a good alternative to any of the guys being her partner here (I disliked each of the potential pairings for different reasons). This marks the second time I’ve had two NHML winners paired together, I believe (the first one actually hasn’t gone public yet, but the NHML always gets bumped to the front of the line), though it is the first time I’ve done so in an NHML entry, haha.

With this post, NHML nominations for the month of October are now open. For those who don’t know, I’ll run down the rules real quick. Nominations are limited to one per person. You can nominate any female character you want, provided I have not drawn her within the past calendar year (though I prefer characters I’ve never drawn, period). Previous NHML winners are not eligible for a second time. Nominees must also not be from the same franchise as this month’s winner, Villainous. If you violate any of those rules, I’ll let you know, and you can nominate someone else. I know it can be hard to keep track of these things. You may nominate by either commenting in the cBox, commenting on this post, or emailing me (Nearphotison2010@yahoo.com). I’ll compile a list of the nominees in the sidebar of this site, and then on  October 1st I will use a randomizer to select the winning character who I will proceed to draw sometime that month. I look forward to seeing who you all nominate this time around!