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PriPara Generations

I started this picture almost a year ago in June. I don’t know what made me want to come back to it and finish it, but I decided to go ahead and do just that. I haven’t done much with PriPara in a while, and this is the first time I’ve done anything with characters besides Gloria.

Since I know most people who follow my blog probably won’t be familiar with this show, I’ll try and explain the relationships here. On the left we have Laala (the main character) and her mother Himeka. On the left is the school’s principle Gloria and Mirei, the class representative and Laala’s close friend. This is spoilers, but Himeka and Gloria were best friends in childhood, and reconnected as adults because of Laala and her passion for PriPara (the show’s central location, a place where girls can become idols).

I really, really want to do a lot more with this show. It’s super cute, and I even made an AMV with it a while ago. I stopped watching it about a year ago, and I know there have been a lot of new characters introduced since then. I don’t know whether I’ll get around to drawing any of them, but I for sure want to do more with Glora (maybe something solo with Himeka, but I’d also like to pair her up with more of the students). I also would like to do a picture similar to this with Laala and Mirei both paired with their mothers, and the group’s third member Sophy paired with her big sister Cosmo. Who knows when I’ll get around to any of that, but I’m sure this won’t be the last time this show pops up on my blog.

April ’15 WWOTM – Gloria Ookanda

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for April 2015 is Gloria Ookanda from PriPara. She was my nomination, and some of you may remember the earlier picture I did of her. I’ve become steadily more obsessed with this crazy woman, and fully expect to do more of her in the future. I don’t know exactly what it is, but she’s quickly climbed up into my top five animated women, and I’m already planning a yuri picture of her for the future.

As for this one, I already had it partway done as a follow-up to the previous pic I did. Even with it mostly finished I still had trouble finding time to wrap it up, thanks to me being in my final semester of university. However, a few weeks from now, I’m looking forward to having a lot more time to devote to this blog! This pic is also the first with my new watermark, which is just a simple stylized ‘N’ that I think is a lot less distracting (if also less helpful) than the website URL that I’ve been using.

PriPara’s Gloria Ookanda

This is a picture I started a few months ago and finally got around to finishing today. I don’t expect a lot of people to recognize this character, but she’s Gloria Ookanda, the headmistress of the Paprika Private Academy in PriPara, a great magical girl/idol show. While I don’t think it’s gaining much traction where I live (the States), it seems to be doing well in Japan. Personally, I like the show a lot. It’s surprisingly subversive and continues to impress me with genuine twists and reveals. Gloria here is also a big selling point, as a comic antagonist her scenes are often my favorites. The show can be a little repetitive with its musical numbers, but if you can get past that it’s a great show if you like magical girls, idols, or lolis (I happen to like all three).

The loli characters get a lot of love from Japanese artists, but I haven’t seen anything yet for ol’ Gloria. Personally, I love her, she’s funny and curvaceous and has an outrageous hairstyle. Here I made use of her famous sense of smell (she can smell PriPara tickets, hunting them down like a bloodhound). I can’t make any promises, but I would definitely like to draw more of her in the future.