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Jacqueline’s Box

This is another Q-Force pic, this time featuring my favorite character, Stat. Stat is the hacker of the group, and she has a brief but passionate romance with an AI that calls itself Jacqueline Box (specifically because it knew Stat would like how the name sounds like jack-in-a-box). Eventually Jacqueline creates a sexy demon lady avatar that can project onto different screens, and I wanted to draw them together. They don’t get to be physical with each other due to Jacqueline’s body just being pixels on a screen (though they do mutually masturbate at one point), but maybe they can achieve something like this pic through virtual reality or something. I dunno.

Twink Party

I watched Netflix’s Q-Force shortly after it first came out. Despite a disastrous trailer release, the show itself is pretty fun and I enjoyed it. I particularly liked most of the main cast, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up drawing a bunch of them over the coming months.
The first one I decided to draw was Twink (whose name I still hate, but I got over it), who caught my eye in the early promotion of the show. I think he’s very cute, and although he can be annoying at times in the show I did come to like his personality, too. He’s a self-described feminine top, but I just really wanted to see him surrounded by cocks. There’s nothing wrong with a top sucking some cock every now and then, and he seems to be enjoying himself.
Also, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month: