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April ’24 One-Shot

Some of you may remember Evan King, an original character from my Spookyverse. His gimmick is that he’s a would-be monster hunter who, despite his best efforts, always ends up failing to take down the monsters he hunts and instead gets toyed with by them in some fashion. The idea behind this One-Shot script was to have him meet that fate with a bunch of “monster” type characters this Subscriber is into. Some of them are pretty obscure, and it wasn’t easy getting reference material for everyone, but here they are. The first panel is Surge from the Sonic comics, who I’ve drawn before and is probably the most mainstream character here. The second panel features Ms. White from a little webcomic called Pixa Chats, who’s actually appeared with Evan before in a commission this Subscriber did with a different artist. Appearing beside her is Scream, one of the many Symbiote characters from Marvel comics, who this Subscriber has nominated for NHML multiple times in the past. The third panel is a character I think is just called Minotaur, from a manga called “King of the Labyrinth”. I read a bit of it to prep for this comic, and did not care for it, but the Minotaur’s design is alright. The last panel features Amber from Space Leaper: Cocoon and Dinah from Unicorn Overlord, a couple of games I’ve never heard of and know nothing about.