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Studio Santa #3 – Scorpia

Every year I randomly select a member of the Studio to be our “Studio Santa”. This is the third year we’ve done this now, and this year’s winner was Scorpia from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Scorpia’s a real gem in that show, and I’m quite fond of her, but her unique anatomy has deterred me from doing more pics with her. I think she makes a good Santa, though, especially since her default color scheme already kinda fits the theme. We’ll see her again at the Studio Christmas Party, but for now I hope y’all will enjoy this little pin-up.

Studio Santa #2 – Rose Thomas

Last year I started a new annual tradition for Christmas, of using a randomizer to pick one character from the full Studio roster who’ll do a sexy Santa pin-up. Last year’s Santa was Jody Crowley, who’d just debuted not long before that, but this time it’s someone I drew over a decade ago in 2011, Rose Thomas. Her only other appearance so far was also for a series driven by random selection, the Crossover Yuri series where random girls from a list of characters got paired up. I think she fits the Santa look surprisingly well, and since I never liked how her original pic turned out it’s nice to take another (more successful) stab at her now.

Studio Santa #1 – Jody Crowley

This is an idea I had recently that I thought could be a fun annual tradition. I’ve seen in TV shows, anime and such, when they have office Christmas parties, there’ll sometimes be a raffle to determine who in the office plays Santa for the party. I want to do something like that in the Near Hentai Studios. So I used the full list of every character I’ve drawn before and used the same randomizer I use for NHML to pick a winner. Jody Crowley, a fairly recent addition, won this year. The funny thing to me was, as the list is alphabetical, her win means we were just a few spots away from Jingle Belle, the daughter of Santa, winning. It’s probably for the best she didn’t since that might muddy the concept on our first run!
Anyway, I decided to let Jody have her black magic cock for this shoot. It’s my hope that this will be a fun tradition in future Decembers