NHML – Megumi Oumi

Alright, so here’s January’s NHML (Near Hentai Monthly Lady), Megumi Oumi from Zatch Bell. Megumi is a pop idol in the Zatch Bell universe, and Tia (pictured here eating her out) is her mamodo child. Without getting into the plot too much, mamodo children are kinda like Pokémon or something, in that they’re the battle partners of the human characters. A better comparison, if more obscure, would be the “Fate” series, like Fate/Stay Night. Anyway, it seemed like the natural thing to do to pair them together, since I’d already considered doing a picture of them together long before Megumi was ever nominated for the NHML. I hope you guys like it.

Now then, let’s open up nominations for next month’s featured lady, shall we? For those who are new, the rules for the NHML are pretty simple. Anyone can nominate a female character (but only one), provided that she is someone whom I have not drawn within the past calendar year. Now, this time limit is in place simply because of how drastic the quality of my work can be from one year to the next, but in reality I would much prefer you nominate someone whom I’ve never drawn. You may post your nomination either in the comments of this post, or in the cBox on the side of this site or, if you really need privacy, you may email me at Nearphotison2010@yahoo.com. I will compile a list of all the nominations over on the sidebar, and then on the first of February I’ll use a randomizer to select one of the names at random (naturally). Then, sometime during the month, I will release a picture of her. Neat, right?


  1. molecule

    I’d like to nominate Edward from Cowboy Bebop again!

    Also, on a similiar note, I don’t know if you remember, but about 2 years ago now (I think), when you first started out with the NHML you also had a similiar Near Hentai Montly Shota nomination, which you dropped before you did the first one due to how much work it would be to juggle all these work loads.
    But the only “winner” of that nomination was Zidane Tribal from FF9, which I was really excited for. You said that you’d still draw him at some point even if you don’t do the Monthly Shota.
    Now that Dissidia is coming out I thought maybe this would be a pretty fitting time.
    Just wondered if you still remembered that.
    Personally I’d be overjoyed to finally get a new Zidane picture, even if it’s just solo, for some reason he doesn’t get the love he deserves.

    1. Post

      Well, part of why I wasn’t able to finish the Zidane pic that month was just that it was not going well. I drew two different pics of him, both of which I hated, and I realized when there was less than a week left in the month that it just wasn’t going to happen. At the time I thought I would still get around to fixing one of them or drawing a third one or something, but in the end my own lack of interest made it difficult to carry the torch for such a frustrating project.

      1. molecule

        That’s a damn shame.
        I’d personally be incredibly happy if you ever decided to do it anyways, since I love Zidane, but if you don’t want to do it due to it being frustrating, then that’s alright too.

  2. ElEjecutor

    Charle Human Form (Fairy Tail)

    there are many characters that I would like to see more hentai of them because they receive little love like Kalluto Zoldyck or the girls of the Saki anime or Non Manaka and Laala Manaka of Pripara (in untransformed state)

    These nominations are free, right? (if it is a kind of payment commission I withdraw my request, sorry 🙁 )

    PD: I loved the image, I’m a fan of Zatch Bell and this couple is one of those I love, thank you very much, sorry for my bad English, I use translator

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