Uruka Takemoto Character Ask 1

This is a case of me choosing to answer a question largely just because I wanted to draw the character again. We Never Learn is an anime I watched not that long ago when it originally aired, and I did one pic of the three main girls. At the time it was a simple pin-up style pic, just because I wanted to make sure I drew them while I was still into the show. The fact that I haven’t done anything with any of the series’ character since then is proof enough of why I needed to act then, haha. Uruka might be my favorite character from that series, and I’ve always intended to do something more with her at some point (there’s a good chance she’ll show up around the pool in the Studio Tour eventually, though probably not as a full character). This Ask was a good excuse to draw her again, even though the question of how an athlete who’s life goals all revolve around swimming manages to stay in shape is pretty self-evident.


  1. Mi-Loup

    I didn’t know you already draw her before…
    She’s one of my top ten favorites characters.
    Nice draw, I like it (her too).

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