Toko Fukawa NHML

I’ve never played any of the Danganronpa games, so I had to look Toko up to figure out what to do with her. I know she has an obsession with Byakuya, but looking into their dynamic I didn’t really think it was a good fit for lewding (I also just didn’t like Byakuya personally in any of the clips I saw of him). Her friendship with Komaru seemed much more up my alley, and it seems like there’s a heavy shipping culture behind them. I saw one clip of Komaru trying to make Toko take a bath, and I thought it’d be fun to see her give her a tongue bath instead. I know Toko’s probably the one who’d usually be drawn giving the rimjob, with the way her tongue is drawn, but I’m not sure if her tongue’s always that long since I only see it with her “Genocide Jack” persona… Maybe the longue tongue is like Launch’s hair and changes depending on the personality in charge, haha. But Jack didn’t win the raffle, so this is the direction I went. Also, having her receive allows us to see more of her body, which feels right to me with it being her pic.

With this post, NHML nominations for the month of July are now open. For those who don’t know, I’ll run down the rules real quick. Nominations are limited to one per person. You can nominate any female character you want, provided I have not drawn her within the past calendar year (though I prefer characters I’ve never drawn, period). Previous NHML winners are not eligible for a second time. Nominees must also not be from the same franchise as this month’s winner, Danganronpa. If you violate any of those rules, I’ll let you know, and you can nominate someone else. I know it can be hard to keep track of these things. You may nominate by either commenting in the cBox, commenting on this post, or emailing me ( I’ll compile a list of the nominees in the sidebar of this site, and then on July 1st I will use a randomizer to select the winning character who I will proceed to draw sometime that month. I look forward to seeing who you all nominate this time around!


  1. GH20

    I personally like Byakuya as a character, but yeah, his relationship with Toko won’t have worked much, and i’m still very happy you went the Yuri route i preffer more too. <3

    As usual, Haachama (hololive) for NHML!

    1. Post
  2. Violetty

    Tongue bath, that’s a nice idea 🥰

    Cute nerdy girl, but I think it’s high time for a muscle lady! I nominate Ghislaine Dedoldia from Jobless Reincarnation ❤

    Waiting for those other people to nominate Fran and Ranni the Witch 🤞😘

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