Mokou’s Busy Day

This is a Mini Commission submitted by one of my Subscribers, wanting to see Touhou’s Fujiwara no Mokou covered in cum during a “busy day” at the glory hole. I thought it’d be cute to see her panicking to keep up with cocks from both sides of her, so hopefully that twist to the concept is a welcome one.


  1. GH20

    The wait was worth it, Mokou looks so fucking sexy here, i love it. <3
    This might be now my favorite pic from you, great work Near!

  2. Molecule

    She’s so cute.
    I love this picture. Gotta agree with GH, this is now my favourite work of yours. Though mostly because I am absolutely in love with Mokou.
    I really love your little twist on it, too. Her panicked expression is really cute.

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