Himiko’s Fantasy 1

I watched the first season of Komi Can’t Communicate recently (and will watch the second season when I get the chance). I enjoyed it, and found myself wanting to draw a few of the characters. I don’t want to make any promises, but right now I feel like there’s going to be a fair bit of content based on this show from me in the future.
Himiko Agari is a character I was immediately drawn to. She’s a cute, bespectacled, plump gal who’s terribly shy, and she’s very much my type. She was solidified as one of my two favorite characters in the show when it was later revealed that she’s a masochist, and wants to be the pet dog of the heroine, Komi. I know I’m far from the first, but I set my mind to drawing this fantasy, and I think I’ll do it a couple more times (hence the “1” in the title). Of course, this would be very out of character for Komi, but in Himiko’s fantasy anything goes.
Also, part of me is hoping some folks will read this title in the Post Schedule and expect it to be Toga from MHA’s fantasy, another popular subject for artists to draw. We’ll see if anyone’s fooled.


  1. Syrup

    Was honestly expecting toga, but this is even better, I love the series and I’m excited to see more of it from you near, amazing pic for today ❤️❤️❤️

  2. GH20

    Well, not the debut i wanted for Komi, but cool to see she’s in the studio anyway.
    Hopefully we could still see her shy version on future pics too, or at least apreciate more of her hot body in either of her forms, still nice pic Near.

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