Osana Najimi Character Ask 2

At first I thought this Ask would be too simple to really work with. I’m all for Najimi and Tadano fucking, but I didn’t wanna just… do that, y’know? But then when I thought about how Najimi might behave in that situation, I had a funny idea I thought might be cute, with Najimi teasing Tadano while taking his dick. Anyway, I hope fans of these two enjoy this.


    1. GH20

      What does that have to do with the pic tho?
      Like, at all, it just feels like a weird and kinda creepy thing to point out.

        1. GH20

          Respuesta tarde, pero no se, senti que medio implicabas que querias ver a los actores de Najimi y Tadano cojer (dibujados por Near) o algo asi… creo que lo malpense demasiado.

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