Valentine Riding

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. I don’t like to take OC work, and will discourage it wherever possible, but every now and then one works its way through the cracks in spite of my best efforts. This is Valentine (no last name, as far as I know, an OC of one of my Subscribers who was described to me as a mix of Toga from MHA and Junko from Danganronpa. I only had one image to work with (and have lost touch with this person, so I couldn’t ask clarifying questions), but I did my best to capture her here. Some details, like her heterochromia, are things I think I can see in the reference image, but it’s kinda small and it’s hard to tell. Her eyes could just look different in that pic due to lighting/shadowing or whatever, but to me they looked like different colors.
At any rate, don’t expect this character to crop up again. I drew her for this Subscriber reward, but that’s it.

Glassfish’s Amira & Matt

So, awhile back I posted the colorings I’ve done of Glassfish’s amazing “Exercise Mom” series. Well, these characters here are two of her other original designs, Matt & Amira from “Sunday Hotness: A Day at the Beach”. I really love these designs, especially Amira, so I thought I’d take a crack at them myself. While this is an original work and not a colorization, all credit goes to Glassfish for the designs.