Near Pokédex F009 – Blastoise

With this entry I believe all of the Gen 1 starts and their evolutions are covered on the female side of the Near Pokédex. Blastoise is one I’d been putting off ’cause I wasn’t sure how to handle the shell with how I wanted to draw her body, but I decided to do what I’ve seen some furry artists do and just treat the underside of her shell like skin. I think she turned out pretty good, and I hope y’all will enjoy her.

Near Pokédex F308 – Medicham

I mentioned before I’m trying to get in the habit of doing Pokédex entries more often, and here’s me attempting that. I’ve seen other artists do some fun stuff with Medicham, so I wanted to take a stab at it. Like with Machoke, I treated the part of Medicham’s design that looks like pants as if they were pants (not sure what the canon is on that) that could be removed.

Near Pokédex F008 – Wartortle

When I drew Squirtle the past two times, I really struggled with deciding how to handle the shell. I felt like it had to stay on, since real turtles can’t take their shells off like in cartoons, but I decided to abandon that idea here. This allows me to focus more on the body of the ‘mon than I otherwise could, and hopefully that paid off here. I guess I’ll check and see how people feel before deciding how to handle the next turtle I draw.