Near Pokédex

Near Pokédex F308 – Medicham

I mentioned before I’m trying to get in the habit of doing Pokédex entries more often, and here’s me attempting that. I’ve seen other artists do some fun stuff with Medicham, so I wanted to take a stab at it. Like with Machoke, I treated the part of Medicham’s design that looks like pants as if they were pants (not sure what the canon is on that) that could be removed.

Near Pokédex M509 – Purrloin

It seems like, here lately, I’ve only been getting out 1-2 Pokédex entries per year. I’d like to try and change that, so I did this one to try and get some momentum back. I sketched this Purrloin back when I did the F entry, but I’d set it aside ’cause I didn’t want to do both versions of Purrloin back-to-back. It’s been a minute now, though, and I already had the sketch so this was an easy one to jump back into for a quick entry.

Near Pokédex F008 – Wartortle

When I drew Squirtle the past two times, I really struggled with deciding how to handle the shell. I felt like it had to stay on, since real turtles can’t take their shells off like in cartoons, but I decided to abandon that idea here. This allows me to focus more on the body of the ‘mon than I otherwise could, and hopefully that paid off here. I guess I’ll check and see how people feel before deciding how to handle the next turtle I draw.

Near Pokédex M249 – Lugia

I haven’t done very many of the Legendary Pokémon for this series yet, and I got a bit of an urge to do something with Lugia. Lugia’s design translates well to anthro proportions, I think, and since he’s a bit of a big boy I thought I’d try and and position him in a way to show off his dumptruck ass. Of course I had to shrink him down a bit, I don’t want any of the Pokémon in this series to stray too far from normal human sizes (just a bit larger or smaller than a human, at most). At any rate, hope you all enjoy and I’ll try and come back with an entry for the F series before too terribly long.

Near Pokédex F006 – Charizard

I’ve wanted to do the NPF entry for Charizard for a while. Not counting variations, this wraps up the full evolution chain for Charmander on both the NPF and NPM Pokédex series. I don’t usually use accessories to feminize or masculinize the base Pokémon designs, but in this case I gave her a little bow because of a Charizard with a similar bow we see in the anime (and who Ash’s Charizard seems to be infatuated with, as I recall).