Kota Rewards Deku

Kota Rewards Deku
by A-boy
Inspired by: https://nearhentai.com/2018/09/10/kota-izumi-character-ask-1/

“Kota-kun, come in, what brings you here?” Izuku says as his friend Kota had run into him after school. Kota had actually been waiting for him, and was very nervous about his plan. “Would he be ok with it?Would I be good at it? Would he like this surprise of mine? Would he think I’m weird if he doesn’t?” ran through his head. He walked behind his hero Deku and followed him to his room. He watched the muscular boy as he changed into casual clothes, after which Kota spoke, “Midoriya-san, let’s head to the studio” and Deku nodded. Kota led him into one of the ask rooms, where Deku was wondering why Kota got him there in the first place. “Midoriya-san, I still really feel bad about punching your balls back when we first met” Kota said. “Oh don’t be, it’s okay, I’m not mad about that, but is that why we’re here?”. Kota nods, as he gently pushes him onto the bed, his heart racing with excitement. Deku lays and nods, reassuring and watching his younger friend strip his shorts and underwear, as his fully hard cock was revealed and pressed against Kota’s cheek. Kota took a deep breath and gave the meaty cock a swift lick on the tip, and Deku moaned slightly, which made him more confident, as he slid his tongue up and down from base to tip, then moved to lick his hero’s ballsack. He moved his hand to stroke the cock while licking under, then started to suck on one, as he notices the camera crew for the ask had gotten here, and he answers the question given a few days ago. ” I-I still feel really bad about punching him in the balls, so it’s only right that I reward him by making them feel better.” he says, then looks to Deku and adds, “Right, Midoriya-san?”. Izuku agrees and responds shakily with “R-Right” as Kota moves to start sucking his cock. He tenses slightly as half his cock is engulfed by Kota, the other being pumped and stroked steadily. He moves his hand to caress Kota’s face, and he suddenly gasps as his entire cock gets engulfed by Kota’s wet mouth, hitting a little into his throat, and Kota pulls off to suck on both balls and rub the shaft, then moves back to the shaft, alternating every minute until, after 40 minutes of edging Izuku, he engulfs his hero’s cock once more and lets him shoot in his mouth, down his throat, and even all over his face. He moves back and sucks out any leftover cum from the now softening cock. Izuku whispers, “That was amazing, Kota-kun.”

Kota blushes and responds, “Thank you, you were the first, Midoriya-san,” and he gets an even more amazed look from his hero, who had just found out that Kota had no prior experience to sucking cock.

Kota whispers once more, “Let’s do that again sometime,” and winks. He turns to leave, but Deku grabs his arm and says, “I can see you’re still hard, and I can learn some things from you, so how about I try it out on you, Kota-kun?” He blushed and pulled down his shorts, running his hands through the green hair, stroking gently. He tenses as Deku begins his assault, teasing the boy with licks through the underwear.

“Stop, I’m gonna cum!”

“Sure, I haven’t even begun yet.”

He caresses the boy’s soft and lean thighs, as he sucks expertly on his cock, bobbing up and down skillfully, and enthusiastically. He pulls off, then brings his tongue to the base, and starts licking slowly upwards, as Kota started to leak and shake, his hips thrusting involuntarily. He started to notice the absence of touch, until he felt a sudden lick on his butt, to his hole, then sliding up to his taint, then back to his cock, which led him to cum violently into Deku’s waiting mouth.


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