Scheduled Practice

Scheduled Practice
by A-boy
Inspired by:

“Oi, Gon!” Deku called out to his younger friend/fuckbuddy.
“Deku, it’s that time already?”
“Sure is, Gon”
Deku scratched the back of his head, wondering how Gon still loses track of time since he’s been helping Gon practice taking dicks every other day. He switches with Gohan so that they have time to relax and be themselves.
‘Gon appears in front of Deku and Gohan in the cafeteria’
“Heya guys,” Gon greeted them, beaming with energy
“Sup Gon?” The two older boys looked, with a warm, brotherly look as they replied to the energetic young boy.
“I got something to ask of you, but I would like to discuss it, more privately.”
“What is it Gon?” Both inquired curiously, already feeling Gon’s hands graze their cocks.
“To my room, guys.” He led them by the cock, eager to get to it, and knowing they’d be willing to help out.
“I would like some help practicing taking dicks, like you guys can, and I know you can dish out some hard fucks just as much as you can take ’em. Will you two help me out?”
Both lustful and breathing heavily, they nodded, and nearly tore Gon’s clothes apart, had he not stopped them.
“Hold up, not just now, I want you both, to come over every other day and fuck me, for a good time, getting longer with each session. This way, you can dish out more, and I can take more. After all that, we’ll switch positions and it’ll help you take even more as well. Whaddya say?”
Gon received his answer in the form of getting stripped and then replied to verbally:
“Deal, but right now, we’re gonna fuck you crazy for keeping us horny for too long”
A series of fucks ending with Gon utterly speechless and devoid of cum in his balls was what followed
*flashback end*
They race to Gon’s room, slamming the door shut and locked.
Deku slowly strips Gon, as they’ve been stripping him to get him into the submissive mood for bottoming.
Gon spread his legs as Deku lovingly, yet passionately pushed in. He was like that, soft, yet fucked so good. Deku used a little of his Full Cowling to speed up, as Gon started to feel himself get more comfortable.
“Next position.” They locked eyes as Deku carefully put the boy on top, pushing his cock deeper, and hitting some spots better.
“Ohhhhhhh, yeaaaaahhh,” Gon moaned as Deku grunted and moaned with him. Gon’s hips slammed up and down, clapping loudly. Deku took control, grabbing the boy’s waist, and started moving him up and down, instead of Gon bouncing up and down on his own. Gon moved his hands, spreading his cheeks to get his partner’s cock deeper. Deku used more of OFA and slammed Gon hard, as the boy started making lewder faces. They blushed as both enjoyed themselves. Gon turned to watch his sexy butt get fucked, almost tossing his head back and starts cumming all over Deku. The sight and feeling of Gon blasting his cum all over him sends him over the edge, as he slams Gon down one more time before releasing a thick load into the boy’s used hole, now gaping as his cock plopped out.
“That was amazing, another round or three, we gotta get to the 35 minute mark” Deku reminded the spent Gon, who readied himself to take another hard fucking, at 30% Full Cowling.


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