Gon Freecss Character Ask 14

So I thought it’d be fun to draw Gon taking a dick again, but the last Ask I did with him already had him getting fucked by Killua. Since this Ask also mentioned Midoriya, a popular character to pair with both Gon and Killua due to the meme about their hairstyles, I thought it’d be nice to see them together like this. Deku’s been fucked by Gon a few times in the past, so I like the chance to see a role-reversal of their usual dynamic.

Also, added a new chapter to Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour today, which you can find here: https://nearhentai.com/literature/chi-chis-fan-appreciation-tour-chapter-three-complimentary-breakfast/


  1. Devin

    Awwww poor Gon Freecss! He’s trying his best though and at least he has some nice teachers…

    I can not imagine Bakugo being as gentle as Deku with teaching him, also Gon I bet Deku loves how you feel on him!

  2. User#6b08a6a7

    It is great to see Izuku with Gon riding him. I bet he has a soft touch. With as little pain as possible.

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