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MomSwap – Aja and Lucy

So, this MomSwap entry is a bit different than the others. Lucy Blank here isn’t Aja’s real mom (or even, like, a motherly figure in her life). She’s basically just a wacky lunatic that lives with her, but there’s a good in-universe explanation for this pic.
So, you see, Aja Tarron is an alien princess in hiding on Earth, and the main protagonist of 3Below. While posing as a human in Arcadia, it’s necessary for her and her brother to program two “blank” robots to pose as their parents (with Lucy being the mom). Aja is also friends with Claire, who we saw in a previous MomSwap entry. Aja learns about Claire’s account, maybe just seeing her browsing the app on her phone, and Claire tells her what the app is for. Aja decides that, since this is a normal thing for young girls to do in this universe, she should get her fake robot mom to sign up on the app with her as part of their cover. So, here we are. I just absolutely adore Lucy Blank (and Aja’s pretty cute, too), so this pairing was a high priority for me after seeing 3Below.


I’ve been watching the Tales of Arcadia maxiseries (consisting of Trollhunters, 3Below, and the upcoming Wizards). Eli Pepperjack and Steve Palchuk are recurring characters in these series. I don’t want to spoil things for people who haven’t seen them but might later, but I will say I like the two of them as a pairing. Steve’s not really my type, but I think Eli is cute and the way they interact in later seasons is really cute.