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Anubis Fleshlight

So here’s another commission from my Epic Tier of the Army of Anubis from The Mummy Returns. This time the client wanted to see the tall and smoll Anubi paired together, and described the larger one using the smaller one as a fleshlight. Since he also was hoping to see him holding the smaller one with just one hand, I ended up scaling the larger one even more (or scaling down the smaller one, whichever you think is sexier) to get the right size difference for the pose.

Anubis Comparison

Yesterday I shared a video, and in it this picture appears. I realized watching it back that this pic never got published publicly, even though it should have by now. It seems I just forgot to add it to my schedule when I finished it, so I re-arranged things to make it today’s post.

This commission is a follow-up to the client’s commission the month before, where he had me draw cute versions of the Anubis army from “The Mummy Returns”. This time he wanted a side-by-side comparison of the redesign and the original design, with the movie version looking as aggressive and scary as possible. So… yeah, that’s what this is. Nothing more, nothing less.


This commission was purchased by the same Epic Tier supporter that bought the Resident Evil zombies earlier. Like before he wanted to take a monster type and create a slimmer, sexier version. In this case it’s the Anubis army from “The Mummy Returns”, which some of you may remember running around at the command of the Scorpion King in that film. I barely even remembered them (mostly I remembered The Rock with his horrible CGI scorpion parts), but after doing some research I was able to put this together for him. The little counter in the corner is meant to represent just how many more of these guys there are (since there’s no way I could draw a full army, nor could they likely have afforded it).