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Asta Character Ask 1

So in Hunter × Hunter, Asta and Killua start off bickering, but eventually they seem to find an understanding, which is what this Ask is referring to. In the show they seemed to just realize that they both had things to contribute to their group, but that’s a little boring by Near Hentai standards so instead Asta answers…. about like how you’d expect my version of her would. >_>

Asta’s Tits

Asta is a character who appears briefly in the Greed Island arc of Hunter × Hunter. She doesn’t really do a whole lot, but she has some amazing breasts and (and in the most recent animated version they bounce like crazy every time she moves). I’ve wanted to draw her for a while, specifically paired with Amana (another character from the same episodes that’s also really cute). I needed a break from more demanding projects, though, so I decided to do a quick and easy picture of her showing off the goods. Hopefully I can still do the pic of her and Amana some day.