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Corinne Crane Pinup

So this is a new character for Applebridge. She’s sort of a work in progress… I imagine most of you immediately noticed she’s got hair poofs very much like Jazmine’s, and that’s because I’ve been wanting to steal that hair style for a while. But Corrine is actually an amalgamation of several half-baked design ideas I’ve had for a while. She’s basically five or so incomplete characters mushed into one new character. I did this pic for a couple reasons. One is to flesh out and canonize these elements, see them come together into a complete image. Another reason is just to try and get a feel for her. Corinne’s mostly a design, I’m still working on fleshing out her character and role in Applebridge. I know she’s a high school student in the same grade as the Twinson sisters, but beyond that I’m still developing her. Sometimes drawing a character an help me get a better grasp on who they are, and I do think I understande Corinne a bit better now. Anyway, I hope you all like her. I can’t say when she’ll appear again, but I’m happy to at least have been able to introduce her to y’all.