Caleb Foster Character Ask 1

I was a bit hesitant about this Ask. However, I was a bit heartened to see someone show interest in Cal after his debut got a bit of a cold reception. I didn’t want to pair him with either of the gals from his debut, though, partly because it feels too soon for that and partly ’cause I needed this to be a yaoi Ask. I thought it’d be fitting to pair him with another boy we didn’t get a good look at in his previous appearance, Lied Shax, who was fully dressed (in drag) and mostly just a face the only other time I drew him. I think he’s a cute and fun character, though, so this Ask serves to highlight both boys I guess.

Morning After

So, this was originally going to be the second panel of the last Hidden Orchard Society page. I had an idea for a different angle on things, though, so I set this aside. I still liked the drawing and wanted to finish it, so for the second time in a row we’ve got a little sequel to an HOS page. It looks like Cal had a long night.

Hidden Orchard Society #2

I’m not sure how much I’m going to push this series, but I had a few ideas I’ll probably trickle out over time. Cal here is a character I’ve been bouncing around for a while. I wasn’t initially going to use him in this series, but I had an angle occur to me that I liked so I went with it. We have three new Applebridge characters introduced here, though we’ll have to wait and see if they crop up again. Like with the last HOS page, I do have a follow-up pic with Cal planned, though it’s going to be a bit different than Stacie’s sequel.

Word Gets Around

This is the second half of a Lord Tier commission. The idea behind this commission is that, following his Dare with Vegeta, Corey’s approached by a bunch of Studio tops. I don’t really know how I feel about this direction for him, but the client tried to keep some of his bravado in his response, for what it’s worth. The guys featured here have some small clues as to who they are, but to help out we’ve got Goku, Kirishima, Luffy, Krillin and Gon.

For Whom the Bells Toll, Page 00-03

So, I had some ideas for how I wanted to handle the Bell characters I introduced earlier this year. I could have just, like, drawn Jonah fucking Jasper and been done with it, but I wanted to try doing a narrative and some build-up instead. I considered telling their story within Applebridge Snapshots, but I’ve been having trouble getting those out lately and already have a number of ideas and new characters for that series I’m sitting on… I didn’t want to muck that series up with more backlog. So, I’m trying a different approach. This won’t be a comic, but it’ll still operate more or less like one. I’m hoping this formatting will work well for this type of story, but we’ll see as more pages come out. Right now the final page here is what would’ve originally been the first panel of the hypothetical Snapshot page, with the cover and preceding pages working to flesh the story out a bit more. The next update will jump right into the action, starting with what would’ve been the second panel of this story had been done as a Snapshot.

Different Person

When I made the first Hidden Orchard Society page, I only intended to use Stacie and Cecil for that simple little story. However, while working on it, I got this itch to draw a follow-up of Stacie after the HOS got to her. She was a reserved and shy girl before, but now she’s been “loosened up”, and even if her boyfriend doesn’t know why, he seems to be enjoying this new side of her.

Also a little disclaimer, but getting a secret underground society to gangbang your virgin gf won’t actually turn her into a sex beast, Applebridge is fantasy.

Jasper Bell Bio

Here’s the bio page for Jasper Bell, the yoga dad I drew a while back. My current plan is for the next Applebridge Snapshot to feature him, and I’m hoping to be able to start that soon, but who knows. His initial role will probably be a surprise to most of you, since I’m not planning to jump directly into the obvious end point with him and Jonah. Speaking of Jonah, he might have a bio soon as well if I can fit him in. I’m also considering doing a pin-up or something with Jasper between now and whenever I can get that Snapshot page out. Like always, though, we’ll just have to wait and see what I’m able to get out.

Corey and Kai Character Ask 1

Lin was an obvious eventual pairing with Corey once she debuted, and while I personally don’t know how much I agree, there’s been some discussion of Kai being similar to Corey since he’s also topped older characters in my work before. I figured this Ask might be a fun one for some people for those reasons, and I don’t really need much convincing to do more Lin anyway.
Kai was introduced after I stopped watching TLoK, so I don’t actually know much about his dynamic with Lin, or if they even had one. Assuming he does interact with her, though, I’m going to go ahead and assume she’s found her way into his fantasies at some point.
Also, for anyone interested in last month’s Q&A video for SubscribeStar, here it is: