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Frosty the Snowman Character Ask 1

So I intentionally put this one off until after Christmas for two reasons. One was, like Frosty says in the pic, I just had a bunch of Christmas content already lined up for the holiday and didn’t need more. The second reason was, I wanted something interesting for the answer portion. I feel like just having them go, “Sure!” and then fuck is pretty boring, and going the opposite route and having them come up with some reason why they couldn’t would be disappointing, I think. This way they can talk about being past the holiday itself, but hey, at least it’s still winter so Frosty hasn’t melted away yet.

Look at Frosty Go

The idea for this picture started with “Frosty the Snowman” getting stuck in my head, and my mind changing “thumpity thump thump” to “humpity hump hump”. That’s seriously it. I almost added “humpity hump hump” as sound effects to the pic, but I thought it’d either be a) too stupid or b) not make sense to people, so I left it normal-like.

Is it bad to draw a girl who almost froze to death getting fucked by a snowman? Is she colder now? I couldn’t draw them somewhere warm, because then Frosty would be dying. I guess humans and snowmen just weren’t meant to come together in coitus.