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Fusion Bios – Bakugoku

Here’s the bio page for Bakugoku, the first of two Bakugo/Saiya-jin fusions we ended up with. I had a pretty good idea of Bakugoku’s fashion sense and personality early on, so I’m happy to finally have him fleshed out here. I know this was one of the less popular fusions I’ve done, but I hope getting to see more than just the one drawing of him will help make him more likable for some of ya.

Pinkfire Bio

Here is the bio page for Pinkfire, the fusion of Starfire and Mina Ashido. When Pinkfire first debuted, I was a little worried people didn’t like her because it seemed like the reaction to her was lukewarm compared to the first couple fusions we did. I think some folks have come around on her, though, and I hope you’ll all enjoy getting to know her a little better through this bio. Pinkfire’s personality really wasn’t hard to parse, as Ashido and Starfire have a lot in common already, so Pinkfire’s mostly just more of the same.

Fusion Bios – Hayako Nagatoga

I wasn’t originally planning to do the Bios in the same order as the original releases, but since Kizuku won the poll for the first Bio I figured I might as well. So here’s Hayako, the yandere of the NHS Fusion lineup. Both of her component characters typically wear school uniforms, but I didn’t really want to dress Hayako like that since there’s no school in the Studio… So I based her outfit and colors off other clothes they’re seen in.

Kizuku Midyck Bio

I’ve talked about doing this off and on for a bit, but I’ve decided to go ahead and do bio pages for the NHS Fusions characters. Since Fusions appear full nude in their debuts, and don’t exist in any other media, I’m going to be staying PG with these bios so that we can get an impression of what they’re like day-to-day when they’re not fucking. I wasn’t planning to do them in their debut order but when I ran a poll for who should be first, Kizuku won… so maybe I will do them in order, we’ll see. I don’t expect to release these super often, but I guess it’ll depend on how I feel moving forward.