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Fusion Bios – Chun-Chi

Here’s a Fusion Bio page for Chun-Chi. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Chun-Chi, since the two characters she’s mixed from are pretty similar already. That also translates into her fashion, but hey a fair number of people still seem to be fond of her regardless.

Also, for anyone interested, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Fusion Bios – Nicola Bunnerson

Nicola was a Fusion who I felt kina went under the radar. When I designed her, I looked to Ryo-Ohki from Tenchi Muyo as to which animal parts were prominent in making a “cabbit”, which seemed to be mostly bunny ears and tail with a cat’s face. I feel like Nicole’s facial elements ended up less obvious than I’d hoped for, but I still think Nicola’s kinda a fun furry. Since she’s so blue, I hope varying her color scheme with some clothing will help her come across a bit better in this second pic.

Fusion Bios – Shezula

The next Fusion on the list to get a Bio page is Shezula. For Shezula’s outfit, I wanted to incorporate some of the aesthetics of Azula’s royal garbs, but on more modern clothes. Of course I also used Shego’s Two-Face-esque fashion sense, hopefully y’all like the result. Shezula’s a bit of a sleeper fusion, since there aren’t as many “loud” elements to either character’s design in her’s, but I like her and I hope y’all will enjoy getting to know her a little better.

Mitsen Pakugou Bio

So here’s the bio page for Mitsen Pakugou, the Fusion of Helen Parr and Mistuki Bakugou. I wasn’t happy with my original drawing of this gal, and the main reason for it was the angle I chose. I didn’t really think about it until it was too late, but my idea of having Mitsuki’s spiky hair transition into the point on Helen’s right side didn’t read well in profile, and I ended up unsure how to handle her hairstyle drawing it from that angle for the first time. I also just think her facial features are harder to read in profile, and really I regret going with that angle for my first time drawing her. Here I made sure to draw her face-front so I could focus on doing her the way I wanted, and I think she turned out a bit better as a result. Anyway, hope you all like her!

Fusion Bios – Bakugoku

Here’s the bio page for Bakugoku, the first of two Bakugo/Saiya-jin fusions we ended up with. I had a pretty good idea of Bakugoku’s fashion sense and personality early on, so I’m happy to finally have him fleshed out here. I know this was one of the less popular fusions I’ve done, but I hope getting to see more than just the one drawing of him will help make him more likable for some of ya.

Pinkfire Bio

Here is the bio page for Pinkfire, the fusion of Starfire and Mina Ashido. When Pinkfire first debuted, I was a little worried people didn’t like her because it seemed like the reaction to her was lukewarm compared to the first couple fusions we did. I think some folks have come around on her, though, and I hope you’ll all enjoy getting to know her a little better through this bio. Pinkfire’s personality really wasn’t hard to parse, as Ashido and Starfire have a lot in common already, so Pinkfire’s mostly just more of the same.