NHS Fusions

NHS Fusions – Harkey D. Quinfy

I was pretty surprised by the results of this Fusion poll, but I think these characters do kind of relate in their manic personalities. I did have trouble figuring out what elements of Luffy’s design to incorporate, since I feel like his most recognizable traits are all ones that wouldn’t come across in a Fusion the way I’ve described them up to now. His hat, his scars, are all things that were off the table. Harkey does get to have Luffy’s big cock, though, since I always said if we got a male/female fusion they’d be a futa. I do also picture Harkey going by they/them pronouns since they’re literally half male and half female (both physically and in identity).

Pinkfire Bio

Here is the bio page for Pinkfire, the fusion of Starfire and Mina Ashido. When Pinkfire first debuted, I was a little worried people didn’t like her because it seemed like the reaction to her was lukewarm compared to the first couple fusions we did. I think some folks have come around on her, though, and I hope you’ll all enjoy getting to know her a little better through this bio. Pinkfire’s personality really wasn’t hard to parse, as Ashido and Starfire have a lot in common already, so Pinkfire’s mostly just more of the same.

Hayako Nagatoga Character Ask 1

Since there’s a lot of overlap in which characters have been fused, there’s naturally also a lot of overlap in which Fusions people expect to see together. We already saw Kizuku and Goto, but Nagatoga’s also a natural pairing for him since people like Toga/Deku content so much. Didn’t see any reason to try and do a clever spin on this, though, so enjoy some tanned-on-pale pegging action!

Fusion Bios – Hayako Nagatoga

I wasn’t originally planning to do the Bios in the same order as the original releases, but since Kizuku won the poll for the first Bio I figured I might as well. So here’s Hayako, the yandere of the NHS Fusion lineup. Both of her component characters typically wear school uniforms, but I didn’t really want to dress Hayako like that since there’s no school in the Studio… So I based her outfit and colors off other clothes they’re seen in.

NHS Fusions – Bei Bratsu

The girls on this poll were all geniuses and/or inventor type gals, since there’s a good number of them in the Studio. Unsurprisingly, My Hero Academia and Dragon Ball character won out yet again, and now we’ve got this ditzy genius on our hands. I used Bulma’s Namek desgin because I thought it’d mix easiest with Mei’s, but I included her lipstick from later versions because, well… I wanted to. I tried to find a nice mix between their hair colors, with this sort of purple tone instead of doing one or the other. I like Bei, and I hope you all do, too!

NHS Fusions – Danruto Phantomaki

This Fusion Poll didn’t have a theme like many of the others. I was a bit surprised at the winners, though. I know both Danny and Boruto have their fans, but I haven’t done a ton with either, and I feel like when I have the response has been positive but not overwhelming. Nonetheless, they came out on top here, and so we end up with the somewhat comedically named Danruto Phantomaki. Hope you all like him!

Kizuku Midyck Character Ask 2

This Ask was submitted shortly after I released Kizuku’s bio, which revealed his interest in butts. I also got a number of Asks revolving around Jolyne once people realized she was in the Studio (debuted in November of 2013), specifically around the cavity search scene from the first episode of the anime. I wasn’t really able to get to the other Asks, but I thought this one might be a fun way to re-introduce Jolyne in my work, especially now that the anime’s provided a more consistent reference point for her style and color scheme. I decided to leave the actual searching up to the imagination, so exactly how he decided to probe deeper is up to you.

NHS Fusions – Bakugeta

So this Fusion came about due to carelessness on my part, I suppose. The theme for this poll was “rival” characters, and historically I’ve always had ten options for people to vote on. At nine I was having trouble thinking of another good fit, so I threw Bakugou onto the list even though he’s been fused already. In what’s probably pretty predictable in hindsight, Vegeta and Bakugou won, meaning now both Vegeta and Goku have been fused with Lord Explosion Murder. I had two options here, either try and make the Vegeta/Bakugou fusion as distinct from Bakugoku as possible, or… lean into it. So I leaned into it, creating basically a brother for Bakugoku in Bakugeta. I even put them in the same location, just to drive the parallels home. Anyway, hope you guys like him.