NHS Fusions

NHS Fusion – Pinkfire

Here’s the third fusion for this series, Mina Ashido (Pinky) with Koriand’r (Starfire). The theme of the poll for this one was “colorful” girls, i.e. girls with unusual skin tones like pink or green. This combo won out, so we now get the fusion of the Alien Queen of U.A. and the Princess of Tamaran! Having two characters with unique designs allowed for a lot of interesting decisions when designing her, some of which probably aren’t that obvious, but I tried to blend some of the most recognizable aspects of both girls’ looks into Pinkfire, here. Since I couldn’t find a Tamaranean translation for the word “pink”, I opted out of giving her a non-hero name, but I think she can just go by Pinkfire and that’ll be fine.

NHS Fusion – Hayako Nagatoga

Here’s the result of the second fusion poll I ran on SubscribeStar. This time people voted for Nagatoro and Toga, two girls known for their… expressive dispositions. Despite the faces she makes, Nagatoro’s not really a yandere like Toga is, but I think their personalities meld pretty well, as do their appearances here (I hope).

Vegeta Character Ask 8

This question was submitted before Kizuku’s debut pic, so probably the poster was hoping for someone else (like Allister or Aladdin, maybe) who’s debuted recently. However, we’ve seen Goku wrecking both Killua and Deku, so the thought of Vegeta being the first to fuck their fusion was just… kinda fun, I guess. I also was looking for an excuse to draw Kizuku again, and even though he’s gotten a couple Asks, they weren’t ones I could really work with right now so this was a nice compromise.

NHS Fusion – Kizuku Midyck

So I’ve seen other artists here and there doing fun fusion images of characters, and I wanted to do my own spin on it. I posted a poll on SubscribeStar with ten cute and popular boys from the Studio. It was close, but in the end Killua and Midoriya won out, and this is my attempt at fusing them. I know people tend to fuse the clothes, too, but I’m not as interested in that part of the process so I went full naked with him instead. His name is Kizuku Midyck (pronounced like key-zoo-koo mid-dick), and he’s a permanent member of the Near Hentai Studio now. I think of him as a little vanilla mint ice cream boy, and I hope you all will like him. I decided to make his body a bit closer to like how I drew Deku in season one, before he started beefing up, ’cause I feel like that’s a good mid-way between how I typically draw him and Killua.
I can’t promise he’ll show up again, but if he’s popular enough we might see him in Asks and the like. At any rate, we at least have this image of him. I will be doing a female fusion sometime soon, and probably more in the future. The process of watching the poll was fun, and the image itself was fun and relaxing to make.
And, for the sake of anyone interested in Studio lore, he wasn’t made with any of the fusion methods from shows like DBZ or whatever. We used original Studio technology to spit him out without losing the original source characters.