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Izzy Izumi Character Ask 2

I first pegged this question as one I knew how to answer several months ago, but I usually passed it up for other Asks I thought would be more, uh… action-packed. However, I needed a simple one for today as I’m transitioning between computers, and I figured there was still some value to how Izzy answers here. Also, I haven’t drawn Izzy in a long time, but I think this drawing of him turned out really cute.

Izzy Izumi Character Ask 1

I feel like it’s worth noting that Izzy’s answer here isn’t the definitive truth, only his opinion. ^_^ I’ve had this pose sitting waiting to be used for some time now, and for whatever reason when I was looking for a question to answer I got the urge to plug Izzy in for this response. I feel like there’s a good chance they were hoping to see Izzy topping whomever he picked, but hopefully they won’t be too disappointed with this outcome.

Izzy Feeling Dizzy

So this is another pic I started a long time ago and decided to come back to. It’s a pretty simple Izzy pic, but it’s nice to have him officially in the Near Hentai canon (if you will). He’s a cute boy and one I’ve wanted to do more with for a while now. We’ll see if I ever get around to him again. ^_^;