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Akemi Aizawa Character Ask 1

A while ago I had a series of random crossover ideas for Akemi, just different girls in the Studio I was considering drawing her with. I didn’t, and none of those characters are in this Ask, but I thought it’d be fun to pair her with some cute tomboyish girls like her daughter. I had a few characters I thought could fit for this Ask, but I decided to settle on two I haven’t drawn for a minute. Kei’s the tough one of Dirty Pair, and a very old crush I’ve only drawn a couple times. Kagura from Azumanga Daioh is… well, also an old crush, who I haven’t drawn since the CrossOver Yuri series back in the day. Neither’s exactly like Tomo, but both probably fit into the same category as her.

Kaori Makimura Character Ask 3

So, I assume this question was meant to pull characters from eighties and nineties shows, more than characters who’s shows were set in the eighties (though a lot of them overlap). There’s plenty of characters I could’ve used who did live in the eighties; April O’Neil comes immediately to mind. However, I really wanted to do something with Kaori and Kei, who are two characters I like in a very similar way. Basically I just wanted to draw them together, so that’s what I did!

Dirty Pair

I’ve always liked the Dirty Pair. When I was a kid the first anime magazine I got had ads and an article on the series, and I immediately had a huge crush on Kei (the red-haired one). It was many years later when I’d finally get to watch some of the show, but my interest in her has never waned. Yuri’s beautiful too, of course, but there’s something about Kei that always interests me. Of course, by the time I started drawing hentai it’d been a while since I saw the show, so it wasn’t on the forefront of my mind. Like a lot of my early anime crushes, Kei and her series never really made it into my art. That’s changing now because I’ve decided to do an AMV with the original Dirty Pair series, so I’m seeing a lot more of them. I knew when I started editing that I’d end up drawing the both of them eventually, so here we are. Depending on how much people like them, I might do more with them in the future, maybe some Studio crossover stuff, I can’t say.