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NHML – Kumatora

So the Near Hentai Monthly Lady for May is Kumatora from Mother 3/Earthbound 2. The game has a very retro pixelated look, so I used the designs of Ness and Lucas from that series in their 3D-modeled Smash Bros. appearances as a reference point for the style. I gave her a more mature look than them, since I understand she’s meant to be a teenager and not a kid, though I did pair her up with Lucas (you can tell from the shirt). I looked at what other artists have done with her and seems like people who know the games better than I do characterize her as having a nice ass, which I thought was a nice angle to go with.

So now we’re open for business on accepting NHML nominations for June! The way this works is very simple. You may submit one (and only one) female character from any media. Her name will be added to a list, and on June 1st I will use a randomizer to randomly select one name off that list for a drawing some time that month. The only limitations are that the character you nominate cannot be someone I’ve drawn in the past year, nor a previous NHML winner (don’t worry, if you submit someone who falls into either of those categories I’ll let you know and you can submit someone else). Remember that you can only submit one character, and I can tell if you change your name to try and pretend to be someone else. Anyway, I look forward to seeing who you all nominate!