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Caleb Foster Character Ask 1

I was a bit hesitant about this Ask. However, I was a bit heartened to see someone show interest in Cal after his debut got a bit of a cold reception. I didn’t want to pair him with either of the gals from his debut, though, partly because it feels too soon for that and partly ’cause I needed this to be a yaoi Ask. I thought it’d be fitting to pair him with another boy we didn’t get a good look at in his previous appearance, Lied Shax, who was fully dressed (in drag) and mostly just a face the only other time I drew him. I think he’s a cute and fun character, though, so this Ask serves to highlight both boys I guess.

Bachiko’s Maids

At the start of season three of Welcome to Demon School, Iruma-kun!, the main class of characters are broken into pairs and given mentors to help prepare them for the season’s big event. Iruma and Lied end up with Bachiko, a snarky older-than-she-looks loli in the vein of Biscuit Krueger or the like, who puts them in maid costumes and bosses them around. That’s pretty much the full context for this pic, I hope y’all like it.