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Miles “Millie” Ryan

So back in May I did a pic of Mark Evans (Mamoru Endou) from the soccer anime Inazuma Eleven. I mentioned at that time wanting to do pics of some of the other cute traps from that show, and I finally got around to doing another one. I thought about doing some of the more prominent characters (and, hopefully, some day I will), but I was entranced by Miles “Millie” Ryan (Miyasaka Ryou) here and never looked back.

Millie isn’t a huge character in the show. I’m not an expert, but best I can tell he’s a supporting cast member who’s involved by being friends with Nathan Swift (Kazemaru Ichirouta), a more prominent character whom I would definitely like to draw at some point. He runs track instead of playing soccer, but he was just too cute for me to pass up while looking for someone to do a quick pic of.

Just a side note here, but when I first started posting Inazuma Eleven stuff, I used their original Japanese names in the title and tags. I later learned that in the dub they have Westernized names, and I figured if I’m going to insist on calling Usagi Serena and Satoshi Ash Ketchum, then I might as well use the dub names for the Inazuma Eleven boys as well. Still, since I watched the show subbed (and I think many fans are familiar with the Japanese names), I decided to still provide the original names in parentheses. I don’t much think anyone will care which names I use, but I wanted to explain myself.