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Persona 2 Girls

Of the multiple commissions I’m currently balancing, I somehow found time in the midst of holiday preparations to actually finish one! This is a picture of Eriko Kirishima, Maya Amano and Lisa Silverman of Persona 2. I’ve always found the Persona games to have remarkable style and design to them, to regretfully I’ve never played one. Still, it was fun to do this picture, which was commissioned by the same individual who did the earlier Maya pic.

Maya Amano Reverse Cowgirl

Here’s one of the many commissions I’m working on right now. This one was for Maya Amano (from Persona 2: Eternal Punishment) in reverse cowgirl, and enjoying it. A pretty simple order to fill once I had the time, and it turned out better than I thought it would at the start. For some reason the first draft turned out just awful, but some revision and color really turned it around. I hope you guys like it, too.