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Philip J. Fry Character Ask 1

I probably would’ve done something with Fry and Leela before now if I wasn’t always worrying about how Groening’s characters look in my style. I’m sticking here with an approach I tried in Marge’s Character Ask, which I think is a nice middle ground between drawing them completely different from how I draw everyone else, and making them not look like themselves. Hopefully people will enjoy this one, ’cause I am fond of these characters and wouldn’t mind revisiting them more often.
I had this idea of Fry trying to do something cute when Leela arrived in the Studio, but I figured it’d fall flat on his face. A simple dumb prank seemed fitting, though clearly they’ve moved past that by now.

Nasty in the Pasty

I haven’t done much Futurama stuff in the past, but I used to be a really big fan of the show and would like to do more of it in the future. When I first started watching Futurama, I wasn’t allowed to see it and had to do so behind my parents’ back, so the early seasons of the show held the same thrill for me as porn (there were a few shows like this back then, but this was the only cartoon). Combine that with the amount of sexuality and brief nudity, and it’s a wonder I don’t do a lot more of it. Part of the problem is the art style which, like the Simpsons, I’m not 100% confident in my ability to translate into something sexy. I’m getting more confident as I do more Groening shows, but I still think I have a ways to go.

Speaking of how Futurama was a show I watched in my formative years, the episode “Roswell That Ends Well” was probably my first exposure to incest. At the very least it was definitely the first time I’d ever seen it depicted on television. I always thought Fry’s grandma was super hot, and I blame this episode for a lot of my incestuous tastes in porn. When I saw “Back to the Future” later that year, I kept cheering for Marty McFly to go ahead and bang his mom, but sadly that film had a different moral compass than Futurama.