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Ricky Character Ask 1

So in the build-up to my recent Crusher Joe pic, I’ve been sharing screenshots of Ricky and Alfin on Discord that I thought were cute or sexy while editing my AMV. This has lead to a bit of interest in the characters from some of my subscribers who are on the Discord, which is why this Ask got posted almost immediately after I released the pic. I’ve had an interest in doing some yaoi with Ricky from the beginning, and Joe is the most appropriate partner for that sort of thing. So the answer here was obvious and unsurprising, but I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to get a dick in that butt.

Crushing Alfin

This is another classic anime I’ve gotten back into lately through working on an AMV with it. Crusher Joe was a movie in the early eighties (though it also had a couple OVAs) about some space-faring anti-heroes and their adventures. The main characters I’ve become interested in are the young boy Ricky and the blonde space princess Alfin (the third character in this pic is the titular Joe). I think Alfin and Ricky are both very cute, and I might do more stuff with just the two of them later (or maybe some yaoi with Ricky, we’ll see). I wanted to do just this one pic with the three of them first, though, just in case I move on and never get around to doing more with them.